Morningside, Edina’s Oldest Neighborhood

Edina, Minnesota, like many cities, is divided into unofficial neighborhoods. Morningside real estate comprises the oldest neighborhood in Edina, harkening back to 1905. Morningside’s conception can be credited to Jonathan Grimes’ children.

About forty years after Edina seceded from Richfield Township, Morningside established itself as a separate village. The residents sought to develop Morningside real estate so that it catered more towards urban expansion—specifically, Morningside residents wanted the area to better suit a suburb with a professional streetcar service. At that time, in 1920, Edina was still largely rural.

Farms and orchards were turned into straight-line streets with lots to accommodate the several hundred single-family homes constructed between 1905 and 1936. This development inducted Morningside homes for sale into a popular theme across the Twin Cities region—reliance on mass transit and a high-density population.

In 1966, Morningside homes for sale became integrated with those of Edina again. Minnesota prompted the reincorporation to simplify the installation of a sewage infrastructure. The neighborhood maintained its 55416 Zip Code after the merger, as well as its village vibe.

Morningside shares its borders with Minneapolis and St. Louis Park. Morningside citizens benefit from the proximity to the city because of its abundance of dining, entertainment, and shopping options. Its twenty-one blocks of residences and small business district contrast sharply with nearby Minneapolis. On one side of the border, there’s the village of Morningside; on the other, the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Morningside’s atmosphere distinguishes it from the rest of Edina and its neighboring cities. The neighborhood remains dedicated to preserving a cohesive, friendly community. Its 750 homes form a collective of residents who strive to bond through neighborhood events and organizations that have an impact on the community itself. Many businesses still keep “Morningside” as part of their names.


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