Respect the Neighborhood. What is a teardown?

In short, removal of an older home and constructing a brand new one is the definition of a teardown.  In 2011 alone, over 50 homes were demolished to make way and erect brand new custom built homes.  This is not just a trend anymore, it is a way of improving a soft economy and create jobs.  Despite the sometimes “less than exited” news local Edina residents hear on an almost daily basis, Edina teardowns are here to stay for the next few years.


Responsible Reconstruction.

Among all construction processes lag questions about service as well as the quality.  Construction is dirty, noisy and at times overwhelming.  What consumers need to know is that quality of work is never sacrificed. We strive to work with the Edina city council and help enforce “Construction Management Plans”.  This ensures respect to surrounding neighbors as well as a reminder to our builders to stay aware of their surroundings. We are creating hundreds of jobs, which speaks volumes for the  community, and we are slowly reviving the housing market one home at a time.


Is this the right choice for you?

Edina Teardowns represent a rather fruitful event for builders, but more importantly for sellers.  Potential sellers need to know that builders line up almost daily to appraise homes and hand out cash to scoop up older homes.  Looking to sell your home?  Maybe you’re behind on payments and need a quick exit?  IT DOESN’T MATTER!  One thing has already been proven, Edina’s neighborhoods represent a strong, still-growing community in a place people want to live.  Edina is an ideal location mixed with a over-achieving school district and the results speak for themselves.


Attention Builders – Now Hear This!

This is your opportunity to jump on board and support a great cause.  Contact us today to be among the first in line to have the opportunity to work with our wonderful clients.  With a competitive commission payout, we are serious about working with you .  Our resources include inventory both on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and off the MLS.  Don’t miss this extraordinary chance to build better relationships in and around the city of Edina!


Coldwell Banker


Let the Jesse Olson Group coordinate your exit strategy.  Before you know it, you too will have multiple opportunities to advance to the next level.  Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you today.